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Independence Day is not a holiday

Let me not bore with you with facts about why Independence Day is celebrated as we might have either learnt it earlier or there is high chance that one is no more interested in learning about our ancestry.

Even if we aren’t aware of the complete history that had taken place but one thing we all know for sure is that India got freedom from the 300 years of British Rule at the stroke of midnight as India moved towards August 15,1947. There are many reasons why this day is not supposed to be taken for granted (a holiday). One of which is, as we do not always spend time remembering and paying homage to the legends on this auspicious day who gave their lives for the country.


I know many of you might have a strong reason for not celebrating. I have heard people saying ‘We have been independent from some 70 years or so but are bound or restricted or not being able to fully utilize the freedom we are supposed to have’. But again, its in our hands and I hope the law takes quick and powerful steps against people who have power they are not designated to have or the ones who take law in their own hands and have the liberty to roam around without any repentance.

Just take time out and put yourselves in their shoes. One thing is that we might react to situations completely different from the ones taken earlier, that is, maybe, I repeat, maybe, there might not have been the same of unity. There might not have been the same level of understanding between someone who wants to lead and the followers. You do not have to doubt yourself regarding this. Everyone know how politics in our country is run/played/*feel free to think here*.

I agree we freedom or independence from so many things in our country, corruption, poverty, terrorism, bad politics, slow justice et cetera. But this day doesn’t signify that and what I urge we all do, is to celebrate the day for what it is meant to be celebrated for, that is, for the people who struggled and also gave their lives for our country.

Final Note

Okay, we drifted from the topic at hand. All I want everyone to do is not treat this day as a holiday. If you are not motivated to do so (like I was earlier), just spend some time, if possible everyday until Independence Day. I can assure you that the interest to learn more will eventually inculcate and also know the importance of this day to share forward with your friends and family.

Jai Hind !!

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