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Top 12 Funny Facebook Confessions (College)

Who among us is not aware of Facebook confessions? Confessions is almost a part of our daily lives and you can find plenty of them on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. I am quite sure you’ll agree with me on that.

Confessing is something very natural. It could love, hatred, secrets or anything for that matter that you could confess to anyone. When you gossip with your friends and talk about a person outside the group, there are instances when you let out your emotions and CONFESS.

Confession pages on Facebook, as you all know, do not reveal the identity of a person and everything is kept anonymous. Here is a list of 10 confessions that are sure to make you smile, if not, laugh.


  1. Plenty of people mentioning names for example : pr**th**a r*o

2. People asking to the college is good in a confession page, studies, faculty, sports and finally they ask about girls.

3.This is one of my favourites. Wrote one half of the confession. Stoned while confessing

4.Savage story teller. Hungry for likes and comments

Someone else bought her clothes as gift. Went for a ride with someone the other day. And today you are on a coffee date with someone. At least give us some kind of clarity. (Karna aur kiske saath karna chahti ho)

  1. Well this escalated way too quickly to be honest.

6. I did not know that this college gives free seats to Mentally handicapped students as well ??

7. Is this what I think it is ?

8. When you wont practice for a Math test but would solve equations to get to know the names !!

9. Please explain if any of you understood. Anything for closure !!

10. And the reply for the above post

11. Are you kidding me ??

12. Now, that’s information !!!

Comment down below if you have come across any confessions worth reading.

And don’t forgot to check out the school version as well.

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